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MADE is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of our towns, cities and villages. We believe that a high quality built environment is essential for economic prosperity and wellbeing.

Well-designed places function better, use fewer resources, encourage investment and enterprise, engender social interaction and a sense of community and make people happy, healthy and proud. A high quality built environment is essential to the prosperity of all our cities, towns and villages. In the Midlands there is a lot to be proud of in our historic towns and villages and in some excellent new buildings and public spaces. However, in large parts of our cities and towns we face a legacy of post-industrial dereliction, highway domination, disconnected development, dismal architecture, cluttered and poorly-maintained public space. There is a lot of work to do to put this right.

MADE currently has no future events.

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  • OrganiserMADE
  • WhenFri 15 Jun 2018, 1pm
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This is our first Event.

We work with decision makers, design, planning and regeneration professionals, communities and young people to improve the design of the built environment. We put high value on the contribution excellent design, culture and creativity bring to making places which are distinctive, places where people can enjoy living and working and have pride in.

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